About Us

Ideal technical institute is conducted by a society registerd by Govt of Utter Pradesh under society Act. 21-1860.
It is established in 1998 at it’s registered office 96 Khoonipur Gorakhpur and corporate office Allahdadpur Gorakhpur. This institute is a pioneer in vocational training for technical courses . Ideal technical institute has a vision to empower the young workforce of India by imparting skills that are Govt approved and industry ready.
Ideal technical institute does this by imparting quality technical education that is focused on employment founded by Mr. MOHAMMAD ISMAIL KHAN and the society members.
The graduation degree does not empower them to get a job instantly. For the benefit of such students; Career Oriented Short Term Courses are started with a view to provide them an opportunity for face to face interaction with their teachers so as to build confidence, which is very necessary and an important attribute for the younger generation of our country, who must undertake newer challenges and carve the future. The objective is to introduce career-oriented, skill-enhancing add-on courses that will help the students in having more openings in jobs, industry and self-employment. The Short Term courses have been so designed with a focus on the market need for the personnel with requisite skills.
Ideal technical institute provides values based empowering education that works to deliver employment and enterpreneurship to the rural India via technical education collectively working towards the mission “bringing quality technical education within easy reach of those who want to learn a skill to help them stand on there own feet”.
Ideal technical institute is aligned to the Govt “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative by identifying new vocational areas for training and will add several new courses in 2016 in keeping with industry and market requirement.
Our courses currently span across various industry segments including Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Motor winding,Electrician,Electronics, Mobile repairing, Computer software Hardware and Networking and all IT sectors.